Fawn & Deer XTR

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Robust, Fast GI Support for Cervid Health

Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms

There are times when fawns and older deer need robust, fast support to help maintain normal digestive health, support a healthy, functioning immune system and promote intestinal well-being in cervids.

Fawn & Deer XTR is a specifically formulated combination of new and proven technologies designed to quickly support normal GI tract health and help maintain a healthy immune system in cervids of all ages.

In addition, Fawn & Deer XTR can be used post-tranquilization when it’s important to help maintain proper gut flora and support a fast recovery.

Fawn & Deer XTR Contains The Following Key Ingredients:

  • Encrypt, an innovative source of soluble and insoluble fibers containing organic acids
    • Provides support for a normal, healthy digestive system
    • Helps maintain the normal protective mucous lining of GI tract
  • Micro-encapsulated Probiotics
    • Nourishes natural gut bacteria in the digestive tract and supports the immune system
    • Micro-encapsulation helps to protect probiotics from stomach acid and bile while ensuring stability in storage.
  • Whole egg and egg yolk proteins
  • Select Milk Proteins and Specialized Whey Protein Containing Peptides
  • Supplemental Vitamins
    • Vitamin D3 supports a functioning immune system
    • Vitamin B helps during times of environmental stress

Fawn & Deer Revival comes in a convenient 15 gm adjustable tube offering flexibility for giving proper amount to fawns, young and adult deer.

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