Hello to all of my fellow deer hunters from the heart of Georgia.  I went to the Perry Buckarama on August 16th and purchased a 5 lb bag of DeerZyme.  I have read about this product in different magazines. Often thought about ordering but never did. I have used a lot of products over the years to get bucks and does into my hunting area, but I have not experienced anything like I have in the last two weeks of using this product.  I put this product out on the 16th of August, the same day I purchased it, and did not go back into the area until the following saturday. To my surprise and excitement I had a picture (88 to be exact) of what appears to be a 4 to 5 year old buck with a nice set of headgear.  My wife has never hunted and now she is wanting to don camouflage and hit the woods this year.  I never knew this buck was in my hunting area. Today is August the 26th, I checked the camara again and I have another Buck that I did not know was here. This product works!!! And I have the pictures to prove it. Not only does it work but it worked immediately. Buy this product and see for yourself. Good luck, happy hunting and God bless!!!!

–Lee S, August 2009

myland%20buck%201%20082009Hey…Hope these pictures help you out…your product is amazing.
Grant M, August 2009