Farm Deer Gallery 2011

Welsh Mountain Whitetails, 5179 Paes Rd, New Holland, PA  17557, (717) 354-6978

“H. G. Biff” was a wild whitetail buck, that lived in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. He enjoyed the DeerZyme product line since its inception and he was a discriminating test subject. Click on the photo to the right to see how he grew through the summer of 2009. Biff’s absence was noted and much speculated over during the summer of 2010. Finally, in the fall of 2010, his skeleton was found. Come back soon to hear Biff’s complete story.

Wild Deer Gallery 2010

Submitted by Booger Bottom Hunting in Gainesville GA

Submitted by Top ‘O Texas Outfitters

Wild Deer in Pennsylvania

Farm Deer Gallery 2010

Antlered Acres Whitetails, 6520 Dumeny Rd, Greencastle, PA  17225, (717) 328-9955, (Photos from Summer 2010)

Wild Deer Gallery 2009




Farm Deer Gallery 2009

Vern’s Whitetails, 495 Promise Land Dr, Mifflintown, PA 17059, (717) 363-6623 (Photos from August 2009)

Springwood Whitetails, 7786 Warmspring Rd, Greencastle, PA 17225, (717) 597-2594,

Welsh Mountain Whitetails, 5179 Paes Rd, New Holland, PA 17557, (717) 354-6978